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House Cleaning (as seen on YouTube)

“When untrustworthy individuals occupy positions of authority, darkness and disinformation thrive.
Dis, Real, and Beef shine a patriotic light of truth and hope on the American dream.”
                        - Rhianna Ukweli

DJ DisInfectant lets facts speak for themselves.

An avid archivist and researcher of the real, 

she presents thought-provoking platters of reality culled from her carefully curated audio trove spanning storehouses virtual and physical.

Cee-Real documents life and disseminates data to promote factual dialogue and evidence-based education. A peaceful patriot recognized for his support and advancement of transparency in democracy, Real ardently defends truth, justice,
and opportunity for all.

Leen Beef passionately investigates and debunks disinformation with a unique grass-roots approach. An enthusiastic evangelist for integrity in democracy,

Beef delivers his points with minimum varnish
and maximum intensity.

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